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Premium 4D Bonding Scan (24-30 weeks)


Appointment time – approx. 20 mins

All scans are available to women from the age of 18 years

What does the scan include?

  • Clinical Report with growth charts
  • Written fetal wellbeing report
  • Fetal assessment including growth measurements
  • Check placenta location and fetal blood flow assessment
  • Baby’s presentation and weight
  • Digital copies of your baby scan images (Upgrade to USB for £10)
  • 2 x 4D colour photo
  • Heartbeat visulisation
  • FREE Complimentary gender verification
  • Number of guests allowed: 5

Optional Extra's

  • Heart beat Bear
  • Photo frame
  • Colour photos
  • Black and white photos
  • USB of all images
  • Personalised Key ring
  • Gender confirmation (If not included)
  • Upgrade to HD LIVE
  • Printed growth report

  • £25
  • £15
  • 1 for £4 or 3 for £10
  • 1 for £2 or 3 for £5
  • £18
  • £5 each or 3 for £12
  • £10
  • £10
  • £10

Preparing for your scan

On the day of your scan, please ensure you wear loose clothing during your appointment.

A full bladder is not required for this scan.

*Please note due to late stage in pregnancy it may not always be possible to confirm gender or see your baby in 4D due to a number of factors such as fetal position, placental location or BMI. Furthermore the placental location may sometimes be difficult to determine due the above factors.

Therefore “FREE complimentary gender verification” and “FREE complimentary preview in 4D” will not be re-booked if we are unable to obtain sufficient images on the day as this is complimentary service.

*Please note there is a deposit of £30 which is payable upon booking your appointment.

*Please Note there is a £25 surcharge for twin pregnancies due to the extra time required for the scan.