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Dating Scan (8-16 weeks)


Diagnostic appointment time – approx. 15mins

All scans are available to women from the age of 18 years

What is this scan for?

  • To determine if the pregnancy is viable
  • Identify single or multiple pregnancy
  • Heartbeat visualisation
  • Calculates your estimated due date and tells you how many weeks you are.

This scan is performed trans abdominal therefore please ensure that at the time of your scheduled appointment you will be at least 8 weeks. We do not perform trans-vaginal / internal scanning at our clinic.

What’s included?

  • Written clinical report
  • 2 x b/w photos
  • Number of guests allowed: 3

Preparing for your scan

On the day of your scan, please ensure you wear loose clothing during your appointment.

Please drink a pint of water an 1 hour prior to your scan, and do not empty your bladder before the examination (this only applies to women who are below 26 weeks gestation, if you are over then a full bladder is not required).

*Please note there is a deposit of £30 which is payable upon booking your appointment

*Please Note there is a £25 surcharge for twin pregnancies due to the extra time required for the scan