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Who will perform the scan?

All scans are performed by experienced Sonographers, all of whom are registered with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC). All of our staff are highly qualified Sonographers who have worked for many years in the NHS and the private sector.

How can I prepare for my scan?

On the day of your scan and wear loose clothing during your appointment

Please drink a pint of water(ONLY)an 1 hour prior to your scan, and do not empty your bladder before the examination.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound?

2D ultrasound is the traditional and original method of viewing a baby’s organs and skeletal features. This method has been used by the NHS for many years to check prenatal progress. 3D ultrasound uses more advanced technology to provide views of the surface imagery of your baby in great detail, capturing what is now referred to as 3D photographic imagery and 4D real-time moving imagery using the same frequency sound waves as traditional 2D ultrasound.

Is the scan safe?

Yes, extensive studies over 30 years have found that ultrasound has not been shown to cause any harm to mother or baby. Routine scanning of all pregnancies is now normal throughout the UK. We scan within the guidelines set out by BMUS (The British Medical Ultrasound Society) and do not scan for longer than is necessary. Our ultrasound machine is used in accordance with the manufacturers safety guidelines and is regularly serviced by specialist engineers. For further information please see the advice from the Health Protection Agency by following this link HPA.All of our scans include a fetal heart beat check.

When is the best time to have a 3D/4D scan?

Between 24 to 30 weeks gestation. However, for optimum results we recommend coming for a scan at 25 to 29 weeks, when your baby is more developed yet still has room for movement and plenty of fluid to project imagery.

How many people can I bring to my scan? Are children welcome?

We have no restriction on the number of guests you may bring along. We have seating for up to 4 guests (not including the mother herself) with some standing room if required.

Children are most welcome to share in your experience; however, please be mindful of the sensitive equipment within the scanning room.

What happens if you are unable to get images?

If we are unable to achieve any 4D images during your scan due to baby’s position, we will offer you a further complimentary 4D scan free of charge. The date of this repeat scan will be subject to availability, gestation and at the advice of the Sonographer.

Does the 4d scan or gender scan replace my NHS hospital scan?

These scan DO NOT replace your NHS hospital scans and it is very important that you continue with all your hospital antenatal scans. These scans are optional and are not a complete medical check, this merely adds to your pregnancy experience.

Do you scan twins?

Yes we do. Please Note there is a £25 surcharge for twin pregnancies due to the extra time required for the scan

What happens if an abnormality is detected?

Our scan packages do not check for abnormalities. If a problem is detected by one of our sonographers we will discuss the findings with you in as much detail as we can. If necessary, and with your permission, we will contact your midwife or doctor to arrange follow-up care and provide you with a full written report.

Do you have toilets in your clinic?

Yes we have toilets on site.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes it is essential that you book an appointment for all our services.

Do I need to arrive early for my scan?

You will need to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time in order to read and sign our terms. We will also take payment before the scan.

Can I amend my appointment?

Amendments to a confirmed appointment up to 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment will not be subject to any amendment fee for the first amendment, however further amendments will be subject to an amendment fee of £30.

Amendments to a confirmed appointment within 48 hours of a scheduled appointment will be subject to an amendment fee of £30 being added to the outstanding balance, full payment of which must be paid at the time of amendment.

Can I cancel a confirmed appointment?

Cancellation of a confirmed appointment up to 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment will be subject to a cancellation fee of £30 being the value of the deposit paid.

Failed attendance or cancellation of a confirmed appointment within 48 hours of a scheduled appointment will result in no refund being issued.

How can I pay?

A £30 deposit is payable at the time of booking your appointment using debit/credit card. The remaining cost is payable when you arrive for your appointment, and can be paid for with cash or card.

Do you have a car park?

Yes, our clinic has ample of free parking to accommodate both you and your guests.

What does ‘appointment time’ mean?

For example where it states appointment time “10mins”, this include the whole process of taking you in the scan room, scanning you and giving you your pictures. This does not mean that appointment time is the same as scanning time. If you are unsure then please feel free to contact us.